About the project

History influences the perception of today. Sometimes its re-evaluation paralyzes the social dialogue. The holiday that once united the generation today is just a day off. To each his own. 

In a Southern Ukrainian city, the people are out to celebrate an important national holiday. Old and new symbols, the search for identity, and an opportunity for understanding between people who are growing more and more distant from each other, although they live on neighbouring streets… Holiday is a portrait of a city and its people. Set in the backdrop of monumental changes within the country and the consciousness of its people, it is a film about a search for identity: how is it possible to continue to live with one foot stuck in the Soviet past, and with the other moving towards Europe?


Director: Zhanna Maksymenko-Dovhych&nbsp
Producer: Oksana Yanishevska
Operator: Maksym Rudenko, Serhiy Khodchenko
Editor: Artem Kobets, Petro Tsymbal
Sound: Taras Chernysh, Oleksandr Burmytskyi


«Нік Вєсті», Oksana Yanishevska, +380504933570,; Zhanna Maksymenko-Dovhych +380 67 449 38 49